Welcome Coaches and Sports Administrators,

Nexus Sports' goal is to help academic institutions connect with student-athletes who are looking to bring their game to the cegep, college and university levels. Our unique service will simplify your recruiting game plan by allowing your team to view numerous profiles before you head out to the field, in arenas or the courts to evaluate them live.

Our objectives are to:
• Help you increase program visibility to students-athletes who may or may not reside in your region, county, province or state
• Help you reduce costs through efficient and streamlined travels
• Help you increase time management efficiency through refined pre-recruiting activities
• Help foster relationships with the student-athletes and help facilitate the perfect student-athlete / program match
• Help you improve on or create new sports programs

Our all-access package gives you:
• Parents’ email addresses to ask permission to begin conversing with the student-athletes
• Complete access to the student-athletes’ bio, pictures, videos, academic information and athletic results over the years
• Their chosen field of study, institutions of interest, and much more

Here are the sports currently offered by Nexus Sports:
• Football
• Hockey
• Basketball
• Soccer
• Baseball
• Lacrosse
• Track & Field
• Field Hockey
• Flag Football
• Rugby
• Cheerleading
• Ringette
• Golf
• Swimming
• Ski
• Volleyball
• Tennis
• Badminton

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The Nexus Sports Team