About Us

Nexus: a connected group or series.

Nexus Sports' was founded with the purpose of connecting student-athletes and cegep, college and university sports programs. Due in large part to it's interactive platform, our members can showcase their academic and athletic talents to the athletic directors, head coaches and recruiters alike.

Not all roads lead to college or university however, there are multiple paths one can choose from. Nexus Sports’ objective is to help you define your path. There are countless possibilities out there and keeping your dream alive is what fuels us to improve your chances at finding the right cegep, college or university program.

The Bleachers are intended to help student-athletes - and their parents - ask the right questions and how to weed out the superfluous.

Our platform can help bring value to your business ventures as our reach is continuously growing. Our team is hard at work in creating additional valued-features in order to give our members the ultimate client-experience.