by Nexus Sports Team

French matters.

For francophone students, you need to master the French. Anglophone students, French as a second language in Cegep is also a mandatory class (2 classes) so it requires the necessary attention as of high school.

All grades matter.

No one said high school was going to be easy. Its socially, psychologically, and academically challenging. But several coaches spelled it out quite clearly: take care of your academics. Student-athletes must develop a ritual or routine that helps them manage the balancing act required to perform on the field or court and in the classroom.

Be honest with yourself and them.

This is not an easy one. This whole process can be overwhelming, and things happen so fast in November that one could be tempted to step outside the lines in order to secure a roster spot. Student-athletes need to be honest with themselves first off and select the right academic environment first and foremost. And despite the attention from or notoriety of a specific program, one must remember that football is only 15 weeks out of 40, annually. You need to like the curriculum, the venues, the commute or campus life, the community, etc.

Recruiting by priority.

You have had your eyes set on a specific program for some time now. Recruiting day is finally here. But no one has reached out to you on day 1. Or day 2. Or week 1. Even week 2. This is not necessarily a reflection of your talent or abilities. It’s mostly a question of program needs. In 2020, the dire needs for most programs were offensive and defensive lineman. Although patience is expected, you also have multiple means to make your intentions known. You can identify the program in question in your Nexus Sports profile and send the coaches an instant message or email once the recruiting period begins.

And have fun.

This should not be stressful times for any of you. If none of this is fun anymore, then perhaps you’re not being honest with yourself about your wants and needs. These years are supposed to be the best years of your life because despite your deep and passionate love for the game, it will come to an end sooner rather than later.