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The pandemic continues to affect our daily lives while we continue to adapt to the various measures put in place to maintain our security. Certain measures, such as the RSEQ's recruitment calendar, remain unchanged, at least for the moment.

This calendar, divided into eight distinct periods, shows the authorized and prohibited acts on the part of the representatives of the various college football programs.

Since August 1, 2020, we are in the "red" period which is defined as an evaluation period. It is forbidden to commit any act of recruitment during this period.

What exactly is an act of recruitment? The RSEQ defines it as follows:

Is considered an act of recruitment, any approach, contact, event, communication of any kind whatsoever by any representative of the college and whose purpose is to register an athlete in his college.
A representative can be: a sports manager, a coach, a recruiter, a student-athlete of the team, a representative of the college or any other person attached directly or indirectly to the college or the team.

Yes, you read that right! Even a student-athlete of the team in question is prohibited from approaching a former teammate, for example, during this period.

The "red" period will end on the Monday following the bol d'or weekend (if there is a bol d'or). This means that you have until November 16, 2020 to update your profile with your highlights videos, your academic progress and other relevant information, before recruiters come knocking on your door!