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Videos are a fantastic tool to showcase one’s skills and abilities. More and more coaches have begun leveraging videos to help with their teachings as is demonstrated by the introduction of several new sports on the Hudl platform. Spending time producing your highlights video is important however it is not THE most important aspect. Remember that you are student-athlete, therefore a student first. That said, here is how you can optimize the Videos on My Locker.

A. In the Video tab, click the Create Video Album button, you can upload all the videos you want. Just like the Pictures, please remember that all your videos are not segmented by sport there be sure to properly identify them in the Description field.

There are two ways to post your videos in your profile: YouTube or Hudl.

Let’s begin with YouTube. If you haven’t already done so, upload all your videos to YouTube. You’ll need to create a YouTube/Google profile to do so. Once completed, go nuts and upload everything you’ve got. Official game tape, snippet from Mom’s smartphone, grandpa’s camcorder, etc.

Once done, seek the URL for everyone of your videos and paste them in the Link to your video field.

Click on Create Video Link.




B. You can share this video on your Field by clicking on Share with Friends. This makes your videos visible to your teammates only. Whether you click on it or not, the coaches will see these videos so you have nothing else to do!


C. For Hudl videos, simply gain access to the videos or highlight video on your team’s account. From there, right click on the black pane next to the video and select Open video in new tab. 


D. In doing so, you open up a new tab with a URL you can copy/paste in the field to upload your video.


E. Paste in the required field.


F. Continue to update your profile regularly with:

  • Pictures and albums of you in action on the field, ice or court and of you doing volunteer work and studying
  • Videos
  • Report cards
  • Measurements
  • Etc


Do you want to connect with teammates and follow institutions? Our next segment will help you optimize the use of our social media platform.

Thanks for reading!


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