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Now that your account is activated, you must complete your profile.

Your Locker is your marketing tool. You can never have too much information loaded in those fields. Take the time to properly fill out the sections and be mindful that some fields have drop down menus which may require that you complete the information for 1 or several years in the past. My Locker is divided into 5 areas: Profile information, Athletic Summary, Player’s Bio, Pictures and Videos. This article will focus on Profile information and Athletic Summary.

Let's begin Phase 2: My Locker

A. You have successfully activated your account. As you probably already have noticed, your banner will need some defining. The next steps will help with that however, before you move on, take a glimpse at the Field. Here is where you will find your teammates’ thoughts, pictures and videos which they will share. You will also see the same type of communications from the institutions you choose to follow. You can begin adding a status on your wall and if can even include a picture.



B. To upload another profile picture or change your password, select the arrow from the top menu:


C. To begin, let's scroll down to the Academic Information. Complete the tabs with the information requested.

D. Please select your preferred study language. If you are willing to attend a French-speaking or English-speaking institution, please select FRENCH & ENGLISH as an option.

If you are willing to relocate to study for cegep, college or university, select YES.


E. Regardless of your current academic level, try to complete as much as possible and keep coming back to update the fields.

If you are in high school, complete the section including your graduation year, global average and cegeps or universities your are considering attending. Attach your latest report card.

If you are in CEGEP already, you may want to complete the High School tab AND the CEGEP tabs. Entering your senior year report card is a good idea!

Once fully completed, click on the Update button.


F. By scrolling back up, you can move on to the Athletic Summary tab.

Fill in the height, weight and other measurements if you have them. Be carful! You must enter this information on an annual basis.

On January 1st, all your data will look like it disappeared, here and in your banner, because will be in the new year. Simply re-enter the data for the current year.


G. Fill out the Sport Information fields with the accurate details. Recruiters will have access to these details and will use them to plan their schedules around your games.


Be sure to keep the information in these fields up to date.

Our next article will cover the Player's Bio and Pictures sections of My Locker. Given their importance, Videos will have it's own article - coming soon.




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