How is the data entry coming along? Your first two tabs should be overflowing with data. Today’s article will touch upon the next two tabs in My Locker: Player’s Bio and Pictures.

Let’s begin with the Players Bio.

The first task is to complete the free-form field called Overview. Read the description and tell us who you are, what your goals are and what have you achieved. If you have won a few awards, list them here until we have our Accomplishment & Awards sections completed.


Select your strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Express your love for the game in this final field.



Your next tasks will involve creating albums. To begin, go to Pictures

To create an album, click on Create Picture Album.

Give your album a title. If you practice more than 1 sport, please note that pictures are not segmented by sport therefore be sure to properly tag the album by sport and year. Afterwards, add some comments which should contain relevant information such as what number jersey you are in these pictures or what the event was all about.


You can create albums with pictures of you attending a camp or combine, game pictures taken by friends or family or simply create an album with pictures that speak to who you are and what you like or stand for.


Our next segment will cover the final tab: Videos. Stay tuned!




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