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The football, hockey, and basketball seasons are upon us. Coaches will be surfing our database searching for the perfect student-athlete over the next few months. Do you know what they will be looking for?

1: Grades! That's right boys and girls; grades before videos. You can be the absolute best athlete out there but if your grades don't allow you to register for classes next fall, you're going to miss the boat. There is a reason why you are referred to as a student-athlete and not an athlete-student.

2: Is their program the right fit for you? Does your style of play mesh with the team's current system? Would your personnality hinder or foster relationships with teammates, collegues and staff?

3: Work ethic! Coaches want players who will "go to war" and teachers want students who will commit to succeeding in class. Hard work never takes a back seat to talent.

4: Overall behaviour. How serious is your commitment to your current program? Do you respect authority? Do you respect your peers, your parents and teachers? Do you complain about your team's system, plays, or regiment? Who are you?

Speak to your current coach about how you are perceived and start working on your commitment if you don't like what you hear. If the feedback is positive, then stay the course but keep pushing.


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