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As a parent, you spend so much time giving your children what you wished you had or lacked while growing up that you forget to give them what you did have. I can't think of a better example than: summer time.

Looking back, I wish I had played a little more organized hockey and football. Maybe I would like baseball more if I hadn't only played soccer for all those years. I should have pushed my parents to sign me up for martial arts a lot sooner. I should have .... I wish I ....

The fact remains, I had my summers off. I rode my bicycle up and down hills and through the town, swam in public and private pools, and had an active social life (the old fashion way). No pressure to perform, no pressure to stay on target, no programs to follow. I look at today's youth and I see soccer, hockey and football programs actively pursuing kids with pre & post-season leagues, camps and programs. Where does it all end?

When my daughters told me all they wanted to do this summer was ringette camp once a week, my initial reaction was that they could still play soccer twice a week given this schedule. Mea Culpa. After a few moments, I began convincing myself it was OK not to push them into more organized sports over the summer and that they too deserved a summer off (or somewhat).

Sometimes it's ok to take a step back, regroup and come back strong. The alternative is that at one point, your child might one day look at you and tell you how much he or she is no longer interested in pursuing the sport.

In my case, it's what my daughters wanted. No soccer, no baseball, nada. In the fall, along with ringette, the girls want me to sign them up for martial arts class. And the kicker was, I didn't influence this request, it came from them after "fighting" with them in the living room one night.


Chuck is the founder of Nexus Sports and avid amateur sports fanatic. He is the president of a youth football association, the founder of an adult football association and father to 5 beautiful children ages 6 to 12 and husband to his college sweetheart and very endeavor-supportive wife, Karine. He is also co-owner of a summer football camp in the greater Montreal area.

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