​by Nexus Sports Team

The pandemic is not over however there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel. Kids - and parents - are anxious for a return to play. Habits have been altered and not everyone may come back to the game. Here are the top 4 things youth sports organizations can do to help bring the players back in droves


It goes without saying that human interaction has been limited over the past few months. We need to reconnect with our fellow citizens, moreso with coaches and the volunteers. Pick up the phone and call your volunteers and members. Find the most personable way of making contact with your people.

Leverage all programs

Partnerships can make wonders. Contact your local sports or cultural organizations and look for ways to merge your events or exchange services that allows for mutual benfitting exposure. For example, the local football team could perhaps work with the local track'n'field team to align their schedules to ensure kids can do both sports. Reach out to organisms that offer youth financial services and find ways to make the access to funds easier for your members.


Don't wait for the kids to come back. Go out there and showcase what your organization can do to help these kids and the multple benefits of being a student-athlete can do for a whole generation. Flyers in schools is great but kids need to see and feel. Making TikTok videos and holding open tryouts will provide a greater sense of what practicing your sport really means.

Focus on fun

This isn't a year for building a championship team. Winning breeds winners and brings out those that want to partake in such accomplishments however the focus should be on having fun in 2021 in order to attract new talents to your game. Plan your practices so not to forget anyone and set goals for everyone, especially the "new guys" as to ensure they understand their role on the team and have something to look forward to for next season.