Recruiting is an important time in a young footballer’s life. It doesn’t happen very often in life and it wont last long. The key to success is to be prepared once the opportunity comes knocking. COVID has turned all our lives upside down and it will leave major changes in it’s wake. One of them being the sometimes harsh world of recruiting. 

Here’s what you need to know: 
 1- There will be less time for them to evaluate your game live. Be sure to have your HUDL highlights loaded 

 2- If the season is cancelled at the cegep level, what does it imply? Although highly unlikely, we’ll need to wait and see if players are granted an extra year of eligibility like the university student-athletes were. If so, there may be less spots opened on a roster. So keep that in mind prior to committing. 

 3- Coaches may not even be able to see you live because of the limit of 250 people in attendance per game rule. Again, be sure to have your HUDL highlights loaded 

 4- Don’t forget that classes may be “from home” when you start next year Keep that in mind before committing to a cegep at a distance which requires that you stay home for class but show up for camp & practices 

 5- The recruitment timelines have not been modified Despite it all, you are still going to be ask to commit in mid-November without having an opportunity to perhaps visit the facilities or having met the staff & players.​

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